Friday, May 3, 2013

NFL DRAFT: National Fashionable League

Dion Jordan
So long are the days that bow ties were reserved for a certain class or a certain occasion.  We are at a really amazing place in fashion, one that everyone has a say and can express themselves in their own special way.  I don't know about you but nothing gets me more excited than when I see someone rocking a bow tie because it makes a statement.  It tells everyone around you that I'm here, I'm confident, and I'm ready to show the world what I've got.
What better place for that statement to be made than at the annual NFL draft. 

Cordarrelle Patterson
Every year the top college football players gather in Radio City Music Hall in New York City and get drafted to specific football teams.  Only the guys that will get drafted first, i.e. the best players, come to New York and get to walk out on stage and see their NFL dreams come true.  That's why I think it's so cool that these are the guys that choose to wear bow ties.  These men couldn't be at more of a precipice in their lives.  They have dominated the current level they're on but are getting ready to take a jump to the next, even tougher, level.  They have spent the last months showing all the teams in the NFL that they are the strong, athletic, charismatic, personable, not a liability to the team, and are a good investment for the next 10 years of that franchise.  Now that all the drills have been run, all the times tracked, all the interviews completed they only have one more way to show everyone that they are put together...and that's their outfit on draft night.  Maybe I'm putting too much into it but a powerful outfit goes a long way and nothing says power and confidence more than a bow tie. 

Darius Slay
So, next time you want to look and feel powerful and show others around you that you in fact have something to say, throw on a bow tie and let the world see it.  It's impossible to wear a bow tie weakly and I'll tell you why.  1)  Physically it straightens your posture.  By buttoning up your collar and tying a tight crisp bow tie around your neck, it makes you elongate your neck and point the top of your head towards the clouds.  You don't believe me?  Tie one on and then we'll talk again.  2) We're prideful as humans.  We love knowing how to do things that other people might not.  Learning how to properly tie a bow tie and then getting to flaunt it around for everyone to see makes you feel good.  fact.  3)  There is still some feeling of status involved with a bow tie.  Up until recently bow ties haven't been used in everyday life.  They have been mostly associated with high class dinner parties and weddings.  Well not anymore.  You can take that feeling of being dressed up and confident into your everyday life just by throwing a bow tie on over you jeans, collared shirt, sweater, and tennis shoes. 

Embrace who you are.  Show the world what you have to offer.  These athletes are the stars of today and tomorrow and they're not apologizing for it.  Join them!

-Kevin Andrews for Horse&Carriage

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